molly 15 UK


☞ the scorch trials
☞ A Game Of Thrones
☞ twd vol 3

☞ Breaking Bad s2
☞ teen wolf s4
☞ pll s1
☞ twd s4 (rewatch) /font>

☞ Tom Odell , Artic Monkeys, The killers, Paramore

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molly 15 from Uk
m u l t i f a n d o m supernatural, game of thrones and teen wolf and more+

f a n d o m s

crying over

Robb Stark

Meg Masters

Ianto Jones

Cersei Lannister and Meg Masters are queens

i r e a l l y like
Daryl Dixon

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f r i e n d s

n e t w o r k s

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what do people do if they’re not obsessed with anything

I’m a stupid little girl with stupid dreams who never learns.

“We’re a very close family, particularly the band kids: Richard Madden, Kit Harington, Rose Leslie, Alfie Allen and I. This is our first big role for all of us. Rose is my best friend, I see Kit all the time, Harry Lloyd is a close friend, Jason Momoa, it’s like my family when I come to LA.”

                                                -Emilia Clarke, Glamour France


Do I look like Google to you?

Keep sweet talking me, this could go a whole new direction.