jellybean | 16 | destiel
what's one little girl to do


Elsa by foglight

Take me out of this place I’m in
Break me out of this shale case I’m in


and all the demons and all the angels with their clipped wings will bow to me

crowley version

for Lisa 


Meg x Abaddon Pirates AU
When Abaddon meets Meg, she has nothing left. After a mutiny, her captaincy has been stolen by Crowley, who left her for dead on a desert island. Until one day, a strange ship passes by, filled with dirty, stinking, bloodthirsty pirates. Their captain is Meghan Reed. Abaddon knows this name: it is whispered with a mix of terror and awe in the ports. Abaddon manages to negotiate her place aboard, and strikes up a strange sort of friendship with the captain.
They used to call Abaddon the Queen of Pirates, and she is set on winning back her title. Together, Meg and Abaddon become the most fearsome pirates of the Pacific Ocean. What they get up to at night isn’t anyone’s business but their own, though.
Like words to a love song
Like a river to the red sea
Finding you was so hard
But loving you is easy

party hard

I wish the night would end,
I wish the day'd begin.


Graphics inspired by urls  samswings & samshalo


sketch of Meg’s commission uwu 

It was bloody, messy. 31 flavors of bottom dwelling nasties. Hell, most days felt like 360 degree combat. But there was something about being there… it felt pure.

cas, buddy, i need you.

url graphics ➝ starbriel